Lemon Zest – Full of Zest!

Wow! Lets talk about this place.  "Lemon Zest".  This little restaurant was located in Playa Jaco also, in Costa Rica. I heard about this restaurant from someone really near and dear to me, so since we were down the street, we went for it..! This place is owned by a Floridian family, the Lemons.  They... Continue Reading →

Wishin’ I Was At Wishbones

Hello! CaptivEATing is back from Costa Rica.  My oh my, what a beautiful place.  Everything lush, and green, and mountainous.  Nature holding it’s ground strong there, each way you turned there was some other element of the natural world to look at.  The country of Costa Rica is actually ranked largest in biodiversity, worldwide.  That... Continue Reading →

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