Cereal Chicken

Cereal Chicken
Adapted from The Pioneer Woman

Cereal Chicken
Watch The Cooking Process

This recipe was so easy to follow and the end result was absolutely delicious!
We mixed it up and used a few different cereals, and two different techniques(baked and fried).

The fried chicken came out crispier than the baked chicken, and I may, or may not have burned the baked chicken just a tiny bit, SO, as unhealthy as the deep frying is, I’d still do it for this recipe time and time again. ūüėČ

The most time consuming portion of the recipe is the prep, as per usual, but it’s fun so it’s all good. Just set up your assembly line of flour, egg and cereal, grab a plate to put those little chickens on after the dredging, and get that oil hot! Bam, you’re in business.

Ingredients: Serves 2-4
– 8-12 chicken tenders/strips (or chicken breasts, sliced to make tenders) – Size? Think about how big of a chicken tender you’d want to eat, and cut it up accordingly. Heck, you can even do chicken CHUNKS if you feel like it!
– 1 cup flour for dredging
– 2-4 eggs –
I double dredge, so more eggs are necessary in that case, just keep them handy
– Salt and pepper to taste
– about 1 cup of each cereal, crushed¬†(we used Cap’n Crunch, and combined Frosted Flakes with Frosted Rice Krispies)
РVegetable oil for frying
– Any dipping sauce you’d like (ketchup, honey mustard, ranch..)

First, make sure you’ve got all your materials out.

You’ll need¬†two¬†shallow bowls, one for the eggs, and one for the flour, a shallow dish(or two if you’re using different cereals)¬†for the cereal you’re going to roll the chicken in,¬†a¬†plate to put the dredged chicken on,¬†a pan for frying the chicken,¬†tongs¬†to flip the chickens, and finally¬†one last plate¬†lined with paper towels to absorb any excess oil from the fried chicken.

1) Go ahead and put the flour in one of the bowls with some salt and pepper to taste, crack the eggs in the other bowl.
2) Mash up the cereal either in a closed ziplock with a rolling pin or with your hands, or hammer it with something, whatever makes you warm and fuzzy inside(I liked using the flat side of the meat mallet to crush it against the counter. Again, this is supposed to be fun!) Put the cereal in the shallow dish.
3) Start heating 1/4 inch of vegetable oil in the pan over medium heat.
4) Now take your chicken and dip it in the egg(I do the dredging backwards), then the flour, then back in the egg, then into the cereal. Place it on the plate you have set aside for the dredged-chicken.
5) Making sure the oil is hot(consistency will be the indicator – it’ll look extra liquidy), start putting strips chicken into the pan – fry by bunches, not all at once(how would it all fit in there anyways!), and flip the chickens with your tongs every couple of minutes so they don’t burn on one side. Fry for about 5-7 minutes each, depending on the thickness of each strip.
6) Take the finished chickens and put them on the plate lined with the paper towels, until you’re all done with all batches.
7) Serve with the dipping sauces and gobble those babies up while they’re hot!

BOOM, you just got cereally chickened. Wait, what? 


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