Cooking with CaptivEATing

It’s all about balance, right?

As much as I love exploring restaurants and the experience of dining out, getting in the mix of it all and cooking at home is just as fun, and you save a ton of money!

On this page you will find recipes that I have personally taken the time to cook at least once or more.
Some are inspired by something eaten somewhere, some have just been created at random, and then of course we have some recipes that have been found online.

Click on each video to get the recipe breakdown.

You can watch live Cooking with CaptivEATing every Monday evening around 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time on our Facebook page

**Still under some construction but almost there! Videos on this page coming soon, but for now you can follow the links to the pages or simply hover over the “Cooking with CaptivEATing” on the main page. **

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