Wishin’ I Was At Wishbones

CaptivEATing is back from Costa Rica.  My oh my, what a beautiful place.  Everything lush, and green, and mountainous.  Nature holding it’s ground strong there, each way you turned there was some other element of the natural world to look at.  The country of Costa Rica is actually ranked largest in biodiversity, worldwide.  That is so awesome.  Being able to spend some time in this beautiful country was amazing, and I have a few places we went that I’d like to share throughout the next few days.
The first place I’m writing to you about is called Caliche’s Wishbone.”
This was a total local hangout right there in the town of Jaco.  We were with a local realtor at the time and he suggested we stop there for a late lunch, so we gave it a shot.
Pilsen Wishbone MenuI ordered a local beer, a “Pilsen”.  It had a medium body, an extremely light beer for myself, but decent.  Could use a bit more hops to give it a little boost but refreshing on a hot day.  Another beer they drink a lot of in Costa Rica is Imperial.  Both are brewed in Costa Rica.  Personally I like both of these beers.  Truly they both offer a crisp, light option to wash down something like this with:
tuna pokeA tuna poke.  YUM.  This dish came with rice on the bottom, avocado, scallions, and super fresh raw tuna.  It was served with a “spicy sauce”.
Well to say the least, the poke bowl was extremely delicious.  A little large for me but delicious.  The tuna cut in small pieces was perfect to scoop up with chopsticks.  The scallions accented the tuna and went perfectly with the rice and the avocado leveled out the spice.
The perfect bite: Two tuna pieces, an avocado piece, a small amount of rice and scallions.  OOOOhWEE! And that “spicy sauce” was most certainly Sriracha with possibly a bit of their own Lizano hot sauce and a dash of soy sauce.  HOT but good.  And with that beer to wash it all down, MM!
Next time I’m in Costa Rica I’ll definitely stop by there again.  The guys working were friendly, the food was great, the décor inside was inviting (wood all around, super laid back, surf boards on the walls)… Overall just great vibes!

Stay tuned for our next stop on the next post, “Lemon Zest” whose owners come from South Florida.  That’s definitely one post you won’t want to miss!

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