Butcher Block Grill

Happy Monday! The start of the new week started off with a new restaurant adventure at: The Butcher Block Grill, in Boca Raton, Florida. Inside is a decently sized room with wood accents as well as a lovely wine display to the back of the room, an open-faced kitchen so you can take a gander... Continue Reading →

Health Food Expo

Hello, Hello! Thanks for continuing to check in with CaptivEATing!  Hopefully everybody’s Labor Day weekend was fun and safe.  There was a health food expo going on in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which provided the chance for me to go explore some local vendors – all organic.  It was a good time!  (Check out my friend... Continue Reading →

The Beginning: Oxford Exchange

Hello!  Welcome aboard the CaptivEATing experience!  I will be your host, Emily Wencelblat, and I hope you enjoy the different locations and styles of food that will be brought into these posts. Recently I went on a business trip to Tampa, Florida with my long time best friend.  The drive there was beautiful.  It was... Continue Reading →

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