Butcher Block Grill

Happy Monday!

The start of the new week started off with a new restaurant adventure at: The Butcher Block Grill, in Boca Raton, Florida.

Inside is a decently sized room with wood accents as well as a lovely wine display to the back of the room, an open-faced kitchen so you can take a gander at the action in there, while outside there are several tables with a fountain view, making it quite serene out there.

John was extremely friendly upon arrival and showed us to a table by the window, handed my mother and I menus and offered us something to drink. He also shared that the menu we were looking over was a simple summer menu, which will go back to a larger and more full menu in the fall.

One of the best parts of this restaurant right off the bat: They use all local and antibiotic/hormone free ingredients.
Butchers Block Grill Menu IngredientsYay for quality ingredients!

Today, despite the initial desire of wanting to go with a nice, healthy, refreshing salad, I went with a deliciously tasty, super satisfying Truffle Grilled Cheese + Tomato Bisque.
Butcher Block Truffle Grilled CheeseSo delightfully filling.
The roasted tomato bisque had cheddar popcorn on top, basil olive oil, and from what I could taste, it possibly had a bit of cream in there also. I know there are a lot of people who don’t enjoy a cream based soup, but this one you must try if you get the chance.

Moving on to the grilled cheese part of the dish, the truffle flavor with the perfectly melted cheese and the crispiness of the perfectly buttered toast was just ridiculous.
Dip the grilled cheese into the bisque, and boom, you’ve been lifted up to heaven.

One thing I will critique, however, is the size of the toast.. Towards the end of each half, I got more bread than cheese, and that, is never the ideal ratio.
Thinner bread by a smidge and it would have been ultimate perfection.

My mom got the Turkey BLT which looked and smelled incredible, but I can’t say I tried it today.
Butcher Block Turkey BLTHuge!
Dad is getting some left overs… Ha!

Next time at Butcher Block Grill will be for dinner, let’s see what kind of yummy goodies we can write about for them, then.

Happy Eating everyone!

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