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Thanks for continuing to check in with CaptivEATing!  Hopefully everybody’s Labor Day weekend was fun and safe.  There was a health food expo going on in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which provided the chance for me to go explore some local vendors – all organic.  It was a good time!  (Check out my friend Sheila’s page over at Euphoria Via Health for some healthy, home, vegan alternatives if you haven’t seen her on the Sharing is Caring page!)
Although the area of the event was quite a bit smaller than imagined I found a few gems to share with you.  And please forgive me for the lack of photos on this one.  Between the rain and weaving in and out of people it was difficult to stop for a moment to get a quality photograph!
It started as a sunny afternoon with some scoping out of tents but quickly turned into a typical South Florida afternoon with a sudden downpour of rain.  That downpour led us directly to our first share, the Organic Brewery.
Ordered two different beers, one pale ale for my mom and one pilsner for myself.  They were great!  Both very different flavors but both so crisp and refreshing.  To know that all the beers they have at their establishment are handcrafted and organic, and not to mention they also serve what appears to be delicious, “made-from-scratch” food (that will have to be one of my next stops!), is really awesome.  The staff at the booth was super friendly as well, which always adds to the overall experience.
Loving beer and food can get fattening and unhealthy, and a lot of individuals like to go out to eat a lot.  Finding places like this and like the next ones I am about to share with you that have organic ingredients, is the way to go!

A few of the other establishments/products that captivated me: – Great aloe products.  The gel I tried was raw and had no preservatives, no additives of any sort, and they were also offering creams.  Good stuff. – Coconut water.  The ultimate hangover preventative.  This specific brand was extremely fresh tasting, and unlike most other coconut waters did not have any preservatives or flavorings.  It was the perfect little sample to make me want to go back for more, especially on a hot day like it was!

After the food expo I met with some friends at Tap 42, I will post a little something about it within these next couple of days.
I hope you keep coming back for more CaptivEATing adventures and have a wonderful weekend!

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