Bison and Vegetable Stir Fry

Ground bison…. SO VERSATILE! And so freakin’ tasty. Really haven’t explored it much but I’m starting to! It’s an extremely lean meat, and again, super versatile. We went with a stir fry for the first go around.

I’m keeping this blog post short and sweet(literally, I used some Sweet Baby Rays Honey Bbq sauce as an additional ingredient – SECRET INGREDIENT, wink wink)!

I took the recipe from Food and Wine for the basis of my entire meal.

Slight differences: I sautéed some onion and bell peppers in coconut oil first then re-added to the bison meat, pre-steamed the green beans to add later in the recipe, and then lastly added the chopped garlic to everything while it cooked. I also used soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and, the secret ingredient that literally made the whole thing come together: Sweet Baby Rays Honey Bbq Sauce..!!!! HOLY goodness this was so GOOD.

I had air fried tofu the night before for another stir fry(I’m feeling the Asian cuisine right now) and added it to this dish.) I used this recipe but changed it up a bit by using normal flour instead of arrowroot, and I had regular paprika. I also didn’t use the sauce believe it or not! Again, eyed the seasonings.

So, let’s lay out the ingredients and then the steps. Short and sweet, remember?

Ingredients(the seasonings and sauces I used were all eye-balled, I didn’t measure and it’s usually all to taste but here’s a guideline);

Servings: 4

1 12oz package of Maverick Ground Bison

1/4 sliced white onion

1/4 bell pepper – I used an orange one

6 white mushrooms, washed and sliced

Handful of steamed green beans

Handful of air-fried tofu

1 cup of rice, uncooked

A spoonful of coconut oil to cover pan for sautéing

A few shakes of the soy sauce(less sodium, green top)

A few shakes of the teriyaki sauce(I would have made my own but I was short some ingredients and used pre-made publix stuff)

A few shakes of Sweet Baby Rays Honey Bbq Sauce

More shakes of ground ginger, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and a few dabs of salt.


Pre-steam green beans while sautéing the onion and bell pepper in the coconut oil over medium-high heat. *Make sure your rice is cooked or cooking while you start sautéing because you want it to all go together. 🙂

Once onion and bell pepper are soft, remove them from the pan – you’ll be adding them back in at the end to mix all flavors.

You should still have some coconut oil in the pan, but if not, add another spoonful and then add the ground bison right in there.

Next, break up the bison with the spoon you’re using into smaller bits, add the ginger, garlic and onion powder, cumin, salt, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and sweet baby rays and let cook for about 10 mins.

After the meat has been cooking and browned all around, add the onion, bell pepper, green beans, mushrooms, and garlic. Let cook another few minutes, if you’re feeling it, add some more sweet baby rays(do not drown it in Bbq sauce, it’s just for a hint of flavor!).

BOOM BADABING, you’re done!

Serve with white rice(or brown), and be proud of your delicious meal that everyone will rave about. We also paired it with some sake my cousin gave us and it was ON point!

Let me know when you make it and tag @CaptiveatingEm on Instagram!


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