Mini Egg Bites

Oven baked egg bites for a simple brunch or breakfast


Market 17 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Farm To Table restaurant using local farms to provide quality ingredients.

Tastings at Tastemakers

Happy Thursday everyone! This is another long one, but worth the read, I promise! This past week a local plaza called Mizner Park held a two-night food and beverage tasting event called “Tastemakers at Mizner Park”, benefiting Hospice by the Sea.  This event has also been held in Delray Beach for several years. The deal... Continue Reading →

Everybody Loves Houston’s

Happy Friday folks! Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying an incredible dinner with my mother at Houston’s.  If you have never been to Houston’s, it is on the ‘steakhouse’ side of categories.  Their menu has a few select sides and appetizers to choose from, as well as a nice variety of entrée dishes... Continue Reading →

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