Oh.Wine-Oh. – Taste Of Tremont

Hey guys!

Had an amazing adventure in Ohio this past weekend, once again. Had some rain, had some sunshine, just had a great time. And lots of wine.

Taste of Tremont was this weekend so CaptivEATing got to eating. 🙂
Taste of Tremont is a festival where over 20 businesses put up tents and what you see ranges from food trucks to art galleries and retail businesses with sales, restaurants with tents serving ribs, pork tacos, chicken tacos, buffalo chicken philly sandwiches, italian food..
The best type of festivals!
Taste of Tremont 2014
Each year they estimate 30,000 people walking down several blocks and you can actually take a look at some aerial shots of the scene right here from www.clevescene.com. So awesome!
On a side note, I don’t know how many of you have been to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, but if you have not been you must go if you can. Rollercoasters, galore.

That was definitely part of the adventure because we indulged in some classic cheese fries, a corn dog, and some fried cheese (which had a similarity to Venezuelan Tequenos!) :O You’re at a theme park, come on.. How could I not!? The one thing we didn’t get that now I crave, is a funnel cake! Next time….

After the not-so-healthy food, Taste of Tremont stepped up the game a little bit.

I have to admit, I didn’t even make it half way down the street between all the people and stopping into The Treehouse Cafe for some delicious and refreshing New Belgium Fat Tire. Despite how crowded it was inside, we got our beers quickly, then we headed outside to listen to the band. Marys Lane was talented and had amazing vibes, thanks for the good jams guys!

The main bites we stopped to eat after that (and the ones I managed to photograph!) were from Fahrenheit’s food truck and tent.
We ordered the Crispy Potato Chip “Nachos”:
Loaded Nachos - Fahrenheit
 The Chicken Philly is in the back of this one!

We also ordered some Carnitas Tacos:
Carnitas Tacos - FahrenheitAnd while we walked around we tried some ribs here and there (a lot of places had ribs! Some were better than others but flavor wise all of them were tasty).

Everything was spot on. The Crispy “Nachos”…… WOW. Goat cheese fondue, scallions AND bacon?! I wish the flavor in my mouth lasted forever, seriously. The crisp of the potato chips was perfect to go with the fondue and parmesan cheese.
The Tacos were also extremely flavorful and delicious. Added a tad of Sriracha to the tacos for a little extra spice, and it made all of the flavors infuse delightfully with every bite.

Everything I ate was quality, and at the end of it all I was most certainly full! It was a blessing to be able to go to the 12th annual Taste of Tremont. I even got to meet Chef Dante Boccuzzi outside of Dante’s space where there was live music and amazing food+cocktails. That, was an amazing experience within an amazing experience.

Were you able to make it out there this year? Let’s hear your favorites, or not so favorites!

Next festival up on the list for us, Tastemakers Boca Raton in September!
See you out there.

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