Happy Birthday, to Us!

One year ago today, CaptivEATing.com was born!

Thank you all for continuously showing your support, for sharing this with your friends, for giving suggestions, and just for being you. 🙂

Tonight was a home-cooked meal.
For dinner we had a broiled mahi filet (caught this morning by my brother and his girlfriend!) with broccoli and chinese sprouts.
Mahi The filet was seasoned with a olive oil (usually this is made with butter), tarragon, lemon juice and capers. No salt, no garlic, no pepper.
We drizzled some extra lemon juice on top of the fish when it was finished, and then over the broccoli and sprouts we added some sesame oil with a smidge of soy sauce.

Mahi and Sides Delicious, simple, healthy. Boom.

What a wonderful year it has been for CaptivEATing. Without you, none of it would be possible. 🙂

Thanks guys.

Cheers to another year of Captivating the Deliciousness of Life!

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