Invasion of the Fittest – Food Truck Invasion!

Well, well, well…!

Our local Quiet Waters Park is stepping it up, or fooding it up, however you want to look at it, with a Food Truck Invasion every first Thursday of the month. An event where 20+ food trucks of all types from Philly cheesesteaks to Cuban food to ice cream with all kinds of fried goodies, to AREPAS are right smack in the middle of some awesome outdoors! Naturally, it had be scoped out.

We arrived a bit late to the scene, but thankfully the wait time in the lines weren’t too bad yet. As the night went on, however, the waiting became brutal. A buddy of mine told me he waited an hour and a half in one line! Hey, I guess that means the food is good! I do have to add though, having been a part of a “food truck” myself (Frankie Dogs Gourmet Hotdogs), I realized what it takes to be a good food truck: Efficiency, and flavor. Efficiency in the sense that what you’re putting out to the public doesn’t take very long to make, its an easy dish to eat, and again.. Getting food out to the customer quickly. A happy customer is one who first eats with their eyes and in a matter of minutes is eating that delicious whatever it is with their mouth. 🙂 Get, in, my, belly.

So the group decided on some Arepas from Arepas Las Gorditas which were phenomenal, and some Cuban food (Empanadas de Carne, Conch Fritters, and the Tripleta Boricua sandwich) from 90 Miles To Go, also freaking fantastic.
Arepas Las GorditasArepas Las GorditasTable TopArepa de Queso Guayanes y PlatanosThe arepas were perfectly crunchy on the outside with some more perfection of the soft ‘masa’ on the inside. The typical cheese they had, Queso Guayanes, took me back to the cheese guy in Venezuela that my grandma always gets cheese from, and the plantains, well…. who doesn’t love some sweet plantains? YUM.
The Cuban food was simply ridiculous – super full of flavor and I was surprised that the conch fritters were so tasty!

Every truck seemed to serve pretty hefty portions so if you’re going to the next one, or going to any kind of food truck invasion, be sure to bring your buddies so you can share all of the goodness. Next time we’ll be bringing some chairs/towels/blankets and a cooler as well. Some food for thought. (See what I did there?) 😉

Hope everyone has a fantastic Fourth of July weekend, and to Venezuela: Feliz Dia de La Independencia amigos!!!! (July 5th is Venezuela’s Independence Day)

Happy Eating!

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