Farm-Stylin’ Farmhouse Kitchen

Attention all Brunchers!

We may have hit the jackpot with this one.

Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen in Boca Raton, Florida, has sparked my attention, and it seems as though it has also been infiltrating the local community’s palettes!

Vegan options, Gluten Free options, Vegetarian options…. Local and seasonal?! Come on, its the revolution!

The moment you walk in you feel light, fresh, and welcomed. The use of the lime green along with the wooden accents and small details along the walls gives it an inviting sense, and the smell of whatever the Chefs have going on in that open-kitchen, well that is just delightful as well.

Just Good Food - Farmhouse KitchenThe first time I experienced this little gem was a few weeks ago when my mother and I decided to take a look at the local market event going on and we got hungry, so, brunch it was!
We strolled on over and the outside tables were packed due to the beautiful 75 degrees and sunshine. (Oh no!) We were worried we were going to miss brunch but low and behold, there was a table inside for us, so we took it. 🙂

Jacob was kind enough to help us throughout our entire meal and make the dining experience that much better (plus he kept bringing me my bottomless mimosas -$14- as soon as the glass began looking a little empty.. Perfectooo), and because of his suggestion from the menu, I think my Farmhouse Kitchen Brunch experience, trumped both my Lunch and Dinner Farmhouse Kitchen experiences!

So what do you get for brunch thats going to blow your mind that blew mine? The “Morning Flat”. Just do it. I’m serious, do it.

Morning Flat - Farmhouse KitchenThis is the most perfect breakfast flatbread my mouth has ever touched, and I will go back for more and more and more.
The eggs with the delicious chicken sausage together giving you a breakfast sandwich kind of feel, along with the sweetness of the butternut squash and maple syrup drizzled over it combining the sweet and salty, AND the cheddar cheese these ingredients sit atop of…. Just beautiful.

My one critique would be that the brussel pieces were each split in half, giving me ONE bite of brussel on each of the squares of the flatbread – shave ‘em, chop ‘em some more, do something else, just don’t split it in half so there’s a desire for more of something in each bite, ya know?

I had mentioned before that this was the first experience here – Dinner was my second, and this last Sunday I went back for some more Brunch. I’ll write about lunch in another entry (lunch was good), and hopefully dinner as well but what I ordered for dinner was not too impressive at all, while at the same time seeing what the person next to me at the bar ordered (all sides, not a main dish) looked great. Hm…

Brunch, for the win.

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