Spotlight: Parlour Vegan Bakery

Hoooooly DELICIOUSNESS right here in town!


This yummy little gem is smack dab in the heart of East Boca(on Federal just north of Camino, where Elite Cleaners is) and man was it a good find! I’m not even a vegan but Parlour Vegan Bakery is where it’s at.

The moment I walked in I could smell home-made carrot cake, or something just like it which immediately made my already rumbling belly start basically screaming at me to order something.

The whole line of baked goodies was displayed really nicely and their labels were very clear, noting that some baked goods had almonds or peanuts(for all of you with nut allergies, have no fear). Decorations inside were really warm and homey. Great, great vibes. There were no tables to really sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or pastry, so keep that in mind if you decide to go for lunch or a brunch stop.

Super interesting variety though: Guava pastelitos, buffalo cauliflower quinoa empanadas(uhhhhmazing and has a little kick to it!) that came with a yummy cilantro pesto type of dipping sauce, double decker cookies, cupcakes, and on Fridays apparantly they even have sandwiches! Ugh, the gainz are real and writing about this is making me hungry again.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, get over there before they close at 7pm! 🙂


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