Easy Baked, Breaded Chicken Tenders and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

This is one of the easiest recipes frequently made in my house!
Great option for lunch, or for dinner. And who doesn’t love chicken tenders, or some form of them!

Here are two Live Videos I did on Facebook about the recipe for some more guidance:
1) Part 1
2) Part 2

Basically all you’re doing is 1) marinating the chicken cutlets or chicken breasts in a very small amount of white wine(you can also use lemon juice or orange juice) which provides an acidic component which breaks down the fibers in the protein, and then 2) coating the chicken in a bit of mustard. Refrigerate for an hour, then coat with some breading, bake in an foil lined baking sheet and you’re done!

For the brussels all you have to do is coat them, and bake them at the same time as the chicken.

Like I said, one of the eeeeasiest recipes.

Alright, let’s get to the ingredients, and the steps.

baked chicken and brussels
Baked Chicken Tenders, Balsamic Brussels and a Side of Rice

Ingredients(yields 2 small servings; cook time approx. 30 mins)
A little over 1 lb of chicken cutlets/tenders/breasts(I could have eaten both of these portions as one, so I suggest doubling the recipe right off the bat)
1/3 cup white wine
Mustard for coating the chicken
1 package of Shake n’ Bake (pork or chicken – I prefer the original pork on everything!)
1 tablespoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of cayenne powder
A few shakes of oregano

First marinate the chicken in the wine and mustard, refrigerate for one hour (Sub lemon juice or orange juice here if you don’t want the wine – it would be the juice of a whole lemon or 1/2 an orange)
When back in the kitchen, pre-heat oven to 400 Degrees – I did convection bake.
Prep your Shake n’ Bake by putting it in the plastic bag it comes with or just use a Ziplock. Add garlic power, cayenne and oregano to the breading.
After refrigeration, coat the chicken in the breading, put on aluminum foil lined baking sheet and put in the oven for 15 minutes.
*Add more time if bigger pieces of chicken, but remember you can always add more time to cook, you can’t re-moisten dry chicken! ;)*

For the Brussel Sprouts
You can use frozen brussels or fresh brussels – either way I steam them first then roast them – this might add a little more time on your cook time but not much.
Once ready to be baked, coat the brussels in olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. I also added Trader Joe’s Chipotle Lime seasoning.
Bake these for the same amount of time as the chicken, making sure to shake them half way through.

And there you have it! Super simple recipe, great with other veggies too! If you have any questions please leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!

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