Home, Sweet Home.

Ahh, the warmth and wholeness of a good home-cooked meal.
Last week on the 24th and the 25th was lobster mini season.  This could only mean one thing: my brother and his girlfriend became the mighty “Fish Slayers” to conquer as many bugs (lobsters) as they could – and were allowed, of course.  After their two days at sea kayaking out to the reefs and going on those dives they treated my mother, father, and myself to what I’m going to call, a lobster feast..!

Steamed lobster, potato salad (per request of my father), spinach salad with mushrooms, shredded mozzarella cheese and cranberries topped with a mustard-based vinaigrette were all on the menu that evening.  Broccoli and wild rice as well, can’t forget about those!  Full menu.  Meals at my mom’s house growing up were always presented well.  This was no different.  In these pictures (totally raw iPhone pictures) you’ll see the place settings complete with all silverware necessary as well as a separate bowl for salad, and finally a glass for water, and a glass for wine or another beverage.  Presentation is important when you are eating food: a dish that has aesthetic appeal will ultimately make a better impression than a dish that appears sloppy and not put together well.  Same goes for the actual place settings, it all makes an imprint in your mind.

Everything prepared was on point that evening.  The steamed lobster with garlic butter on top was phenomenal (everything with garlic butter is always that much more phenomenal) although this time around my hand went a little heavy with the garlic and the flavor was really potent.  The texture of the lobster was great, the flavor of the lobster meat itself was delicious, like I said, on point!  Sometimes steamed broccoli is not prepared well and is too mushy, this one was not mushy at all.  The potato salad was from Publix, we cheated there a little bit but it was deliciousness nonetheless!  We added a little celery to add extra crunch and texture to the dish.  Thanks for keeping it fresh Publix!  And of course we had a simple spinach salad with some fresh mushrooms, cranberries and shredded mozzarella cheese.  The vinaigrette my mother prepared had just the right amount of mustard in it so the flavor soaked in with the mushrooms and each bite taken got better and better.

Overall every aspect of dinner was fantastic: the food, the conversation and even better yet, the company.  I love my family to pieces and am so grateful there are still moments like these we cherish together.  They make some pretty good food too, and that’s always a plus, right? ;]
Mom's Plate
Mom’s Plate

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  1. There’s nothing like great food with a great family!! I just had dinner and I got hungry reading and looking at the photos. Keep up the good work!!

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