Another successful surf-style dinner!
If you like crab, you know steamed snow crab with melted butter is an extremely delicious dinner.  If you don’t like crab, well, join along for another crustacean journey anyways!

Dinner last night with my good friends consisted of steamed snow crab clusters (on sale $6.99/lb, score!), roasted garlic cauliflower, and some rice pilaf.  Now, I thoroughly enjoy the process of cooking with friends because its fun, things get done faster, and ultimately you share with one another while you’re doing it.  Yesterday was not short of any of those things so to say the least, the entire night was fantastic.  My Corona and dominating Wii Mario Kart were also amongst the things that were pumping me up, but getting back to the food…           Steamed Crab             Let’s start with the snow crab clusters.  The crab was steamed in a large steamer, while old bay was incorporated into the boiling water.  The flavor this provides is excellent and is highly recommended.  Once the meat was removed from the shell (which takes me hours for some reason!) it was great texture, a buttery flavor, and so rewarding!  Dipping those little meaty crab legs into melted garlic/old bay butter was heaven.  Currently these memories are making my mouth water!
Cauliflower             The roasted garlic cauliflower was amazing as well.  Six or seven cloves of garlic (you have already been warned about the love of garlic!!)  minced up and mixed within bite-sized, salted and peppered florets of cauliflower, which was then baked in the oven and topped with Parmesan cheese, also to die for.
Finally as a side accompaniment, simple rice pilaf was made.  I would say the rice was the least impressive bit of the meal, but was a good, quick solution for us.             CrabbyplateThe meal was very tasty, and the laughs I had with my friends while making it were great.  I am very glad to have been able to share this intimate experience with you.
Try the Old Bay trick for your crab or shrimp next time the steamer comes out, you won’t regret it!

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    1. Hello there! Yes, thank you for pointing that out! Flat-leaf parsley as well as parmesan cheese were added ontop of the cauliflower once it was taken out of the oven 🙂
      Happy eating!

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