Sun and “Skans”

On day three of our Bahamas adventures we scored an AWESOME fried snapper at a local café in Nassau called, “Café Skans”.
Cafe Skans Menu
Walking in, right off the bat it was noticeable that this was a small local place that’s always on the go because of it’s location in relation to where the tourists begin to sight-see once they get off of their excursions.  It was not the most up-kept of places I’ve been in, but I wasn’t expecting a 5-star bathroom or modern furniture in the first place.  The Bahamas are known for their conch, well, everything.  Conch fritters, conch salad, fried conch, conch burger, conch soup, conch YOU NAME IT.  Growing up in Florida and getting the chance to drive down to the Florida Keys I’ve gotten the chance to eat conch fritters, but let me tell you… nothing has ever compared to the ones I ate in this little place.
Conch FrittersAfter a long, sunny and snorkeling-filled morning these bad boys hit the spot.  The batter was exceptional, the conch was fresh as could be, they weren’t greasy or chewy or anything but delicious.  ON point.
We also ordered a fried snapper.
Fried SnapperBoy oh boy was that also one of the most successfully fried fish I’ve ever tasted in my life.  The fish was fried in the perfect temperature oil, resulting in this flaky, juicy, tasty creation.  So good, like finger-licking good.  MM, mm, MM!  My fried-fish standards have been raised..!

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  1. For some reason, nobody does conch fritters like the Bahamians. Sounds like you’ve moved on, but if you ever end up in Nassau again, you must try Traveller’s Rest. It’s a bit west of the airport, right on the ocean. It’s a favourite of the locals – excellent lobster salad and conch burgers!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! Im hoping it wont be that long until i’m back in those islands! Really some of the best conch fritters, ever. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Nice work, I love the conch fritters from The Bahamas. I have not been to Nassau but Freeport has a few fritter restaurants there. Even went to an Italian Restaurant there and they had conch added to one of their Italian seafood dishes. AWESOME!!!

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