Pumpkins and, Sushi?

Hello, Hello!
The time of ghosts and ghouls and witches and zombies is getting closer and closer!
As most families do here in the United States, my mom and I went to the pumpkin patch to find ourselves some pumpkins this past weekend – mind you, I have not been to a pumpkin patch in years and years, so this was a pretty delightful treat for my ‘trigger happy’ fingers: Shadows and light everywhere!
Pumpkin2Beautiful, huge pumpkins, and beautiful small ones too engulfed the grassy field which they were displayed upon.  It was a nice day.
Pumpkin1So after the pumpkin hunt, of course we were starving :).
Right across the street there was a japanese restaurant called Saito’s Japanese Steakhouse.  Many years ago there was a different Japanese place, i forget which one, but either way we decided to stroll on in here and get some sushi.
The inside of the restaurant was very nicely decorated.  I especially liked the look of the tables next to the wall which held more of a private feel to them.  There weren’t many people in there as our timing for lunch was a little late for a typical lunch, but the food….. Oh man was the food GOOD.
They have a couple of hibachi tables so when we entered it smelled like fried rice and all sorts of goodness, but we stuck to ordering sushi.
My mom got some spare ribs which she said were delicious, and we also got some stir fried vegetables which had a nice flavor to them.
The winner though, was definitely the sushi.
MexCaliWe ordered a California Roll with masago, as well as a Mexican Roll without the tomato. Perfection.
First of all, its hard to find a really good California roll.  Usually even though it has simple ingredients its a hit or miss.  Some places cook the rice too little, some places make them too small… Saito’s sushi chef nailed the California roll.  Perfect combination of avocado, crab, cucumber and rice.  The ratio, its all about the ratio for sushi.
The Mexican roll with no tomato was also perfectly done.  The shrimp had a good texture, it wasn’t soggy and had good taste and inside the roll with the spicy mayo, shrimp and avocado there was a bit of masago.  MMMM, masago…… And eel sauce, lets say it again: MMMM, eel sauce…..
I would definitely go there and try the hibachi, along with some more sushi next time, but this place is worth going to if you’re out west on Glades and Lyons.
Short little update but I hope you all had a marvelous weekend, and a fantastic start to the week!
Happy, healthy eating friends!

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