New Years in New York

Happy, happy New Year my friends!

A new year always brings us brand new goals, new motivation. For me at least, I know it will bring all that plus an abundance of traveling, creativity, love, and FOOD!
A goal for this year is to make this year the start of many traveling years. “If you can see it, it will happen,” and this chicks making 2014 the year of destination food writing. 🙂

New Years was fantastic and spent in New York (Manhattan), which was phenomenal for dining (as always). Over the weekend I’m going to write up a couple of reviews for a few restaurants.

The Four Seasons will be one (probably the best service out of everywhere I went the entire trip, and anywhere I have been in the last 5 months!)
4seasonsmenuBull&Bear, inside of the Waldorf Astoria
BBAnd the last must share is called Casa Mono, a small, extremely delicious spanish restaurant and bar.

All amazing places with amazing dishes. Man did I have some good wine this trip also. Must thank my uncle who was the wine picker of the trip! Muchas gracias Tio!

My question to you is, where did you spend your New Years and what yummy holiday feasting captivated you?! (I know I can’t be the only one who gained 10 lbs, haha!)

Check back over the weekend for some scrumptious updates.

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