A Bit of Batch

Hi there!

Last post was about my amazing New York-New Years adventure and the delectable little treats I had while there. Details on all of those restaurants are coming in the near future, I promise.

It’s March already and I’ve been to quite a few new restaurants, so I’m going to go with one of the most recent, Batch.

A few weekends ago a group of friends and I went to Batch, in Brickell, in Miami. It was my first time there, but my friends… Let’s just say its their new home.
The atmosphere was great, lots of space. High tops and barstools along with tables and booths to dine at took up most of the aesthetic aspect. Everywhere you looked there was a table. We went on a Saturday night also and it was packed – everyone was eating and drinking, so you know the customers were happy. Our waitress was awesome and super attentive which made US happy. That was a definite plus.

We sat at a booth which was comfy and spacious, got drinks and ordered food.
The beer selection was on point, the cocktails were on point, and this bad boy right down here… This was the winner of the night. Our buddy ordered one, everyone tried it, and then it became the drink of the night.
I give to you thee, Pecan and Brown Sugar Infused Jameson:
Batch Pecan Brown Sugar JamesonMm.
The hint of pecan at the end of the sip, an amazing, smooth flavor combination of brown sugar and whiskey made this the perfect drink for a chilly night. (Yeah, it was chilly it FL..!) Warmed you right up and made you feel like you were drinking Christmas.

Then, it was taco time.
The menu selection was good, okay it was really enticing.. I wanted to try everything!
They have a lot of pork belly. Everyone recommended the pork belly. So I got the pork belly tacos.
Batch Pork Belly Tacos

They were amazing. I would have liked more substance inside of the taco because there just wasn’t enough pork belly or slaw.
I needed more cowbell.
The flavor of the tacos in general was good though. The fried pork belly with the sriracha crema and sweet slaw gave you something sweet and gave you something spicy.

I’m going back and I’m definitely writing some more on this place once I try, well, everything. 🙂

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