Conte’s Pizza – Delray Beach, Florida

Alright.. Plain and simple, I’m a carbaholic. I’ve realized it, and I’ve accepted it.

A delicious ravioli, a fresh piece of bread, a hot plate of rice… and of course, a buttery, garlic loaded, perfect garlic knot.

Search no more for that last one, ladies and gents, Conte’s Pizza in Delray Beach has THE perfect garlic knot.

Conte’s Pizza/Garlic Knot

Your choice of 3 or 6 (I mean, you’re never going to be able to eat just one so you might as well go for the six), for a very good price ($5.99 for the six of them) and even better taste.

Seasoned in butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese, the garlic knots come out with that crisp bite on the outside and fluffy dough on the inside. Also, I have to add that the tomato sauce is on point that goes with it as well.

Conte’s has the pizza side(that’s where I got these knots from Tommy and always get pizza for work, it’s phenomenal) and the deli side, side by side in Delray by Pineapple Grove, check it out next time you’re around!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays!!

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