Madisons Monday – Key Lime Pie

Ladies and Gentlemen… I thought I had found the best Key Lime Pie at Max’s Grille for the longest time, and then, I met Madisons’.

Oh. Man.

Madisons New York Grill and Bar is very close to my house, so of course it was explorative territory. If you’re looking for a restaurant with a certain New York style and that classic steakhouse feel, definitely stop in and grab a bite (if you can decide on what to get because everything is drool-worthy!).
The bartenders are nice and very helpful if you’re not sure what you’re feeling – and pretty too – the staff is awesome, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet Manager Charles Kyriacou – a ball of energy and passion!

This Key Lime Pie is being exposed because well, like I said, its just freaking amazing.
Madisons Key Lime Pie
Tart, sweet, the perfect texture graham cracker crust, and the deliciously fresh whipped cream on top with a sprig of mint make this top 3 key limes I’ve ever had! It is not easy to make an excellent key lime pie.. Sometimes they’re TOO tart, sometimes they don’t taste like key lime at all, and sometimes the crust is just terrible (yeah, we can check all of those experiences off of the list).
What gives Madisons key lime extra ‘key lime points’, is that it’s made in-house.. ALL of it. You can 100% taste the love in every single bite of this delectable dessert. 🙂

More on Madisons menu will come in the near future!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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